Thursday, May 24th In The Lounge

The Rockets 10-2:30am

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Friday, May 25th In The Lounge

The Rockets 10-2:30am

Liquor Store

LaCosta Liquors on 40th and Landis Ave is a liquor store to meet all your needs! LaCosta Liquors boasts the largest selection of beer, wine, and liquor on the island. On top of the great prices and friendly staff, LaCosta Liquors will deliver to your door for free! That's delivery! Come off the beach and have a keg for the family barbeque waiting in ice!

LaCosta Liquors is located one block off the beach, and just minutes from any location on the Sea Isle City island. Take some time and relax this summer. Pick up your package and have a refreshing drink at our poolside raw bar.

Call LaCosta today for all your beer, wine, or liquor needs.